Hair of the Dog

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  • GRAPES: L’Acadie Blanc, Leon Millot
  • AROMATICS: Clean, with strawberries, and notes of fresh melon
  • TASTE: Crisp with a refreshing spritz, with notes of lemon zest, rhubarb & pink grapefruit
  • TREATMENT: 100% stainless-steel fermentation, kept under 5˚C to retain dissolved CO2. Pressure at canning was adjusted in-tank to approximately 1.1 bars
  • SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Best served chilled as a refresher, and also pairs well with fresh salads, grilled meats and seafood
  • AGING: Drink now and enjoy!
*** Cans are sold in cases of 12. Mix and Match any 12 cans to make a case!***
Hair of the Dog

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